We made cove.tool a part of our process

We made cove.tool a part of our process, so that every project would start by being modeled in cove.tool. It saved anywhere  from 5-10 hours per project and helped us look at iteration we would have never had time to look at.
Getting a tool in front of the architects that they were actually going to use was really helpful.

Mike Brown

We love the parametric component

We are easily saving 15-30 hours per project. cove.tool is really user friendly and we love the parametric component. I would recommend this software.

Ashleigh Fischer

It is mind bogglingly easy

Having used e-Quest and OpenStudio, I am happy to recommend anyone in our firm to use cove.tool because it is mind bogglingly easy as compared to any other energy modeling software out there. I easily saved anywhere from 2-8 hours on a project.

Noble Lilliestierna

We easily save 16 – 30 hours per project.

cove.tool is great when we need to get some early stage results and are crunched for time. Our other models in IES take some time and is not worth building that much detail for the early stage. We easily save 16 – 30 hours per project. 

Mark McVan

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