How many cove.tool Licenses do I need?

Typically, buying enough licenses for 10% of the firm is the right amount to make sure users are able to get full benefit of the integrative workflow.

Are the licenses fixed to a seat or floating?

The base license along with additional user licenses are all floating. So, the total number of licenses represents the number of users that can be using cove.tool concurrently. So, a user can check out from the license pool and once they sign out, the license is checked back in.

I am interested in purchasing for 20 or more licenses. What are my options?

We’d love to discuss your company’s needs to determine the best fit. Let us know if you’re interested.

What are the system requirements to run the software?

cove.tool is a Web software, making the system requirements minimal. It requires an internet connection alongside the Chrome or Firefox web browser to run. It is compatible with other browsers as well.

I am an academic. Can I use cove.tool for academia?

Yes, you can apply for a 1 year educational licenses for students and professors for academic work here.

How do I convince my boss to buy cove.tool?

Take a look at these guidelines to help convince your boss of the advantages of using cove.tool.