Go to www.covetool.com and click on “Start 30 Day Free Trial”

Clicking on “Sign Up Now” will take you to the sign up page below where you can enter your email to create a username and password.

Once you have successfully signed up, you can go in with your credentials and go through a quick tour of the tool. Once the tour is done, click on “Start New Project”

Click on your role on the project. If you role doesn’t match any of the provided categories, please select the one that is closest and leave us a message in the live chat so we can add additional project roles. For the following tutorial we select the “Architect” version which pre-defines many options. The “Mechanical Engineer” version will leave most options to be custom specified.

On this screen, Name your project and select your building type. If your building type doesn’t match any of the provided categories, please select the one that is closest and leave us a message in a live chat so we can add additional building types. Then type in the address for your project.

The live chat option is always available on the right of the screen. You can leave a message here at any time and we will get back right away.  For this example, we will model the following test office building.

To fill the following out we show the step by step method.

Building Height = 40’ (As shown in the diagram)

Roof Area = 200’ x 50’ = 10000’

Floor Area = 200’ x 50’ x 4 Floors = 40000’

Skylight Area = 0

Wall Area North and South = (Total façade – Window Area) or (200 x 40) – (4 x 144 x 4 Floors) = 5696 sf

Wall Area East and West = (Total façade – Window Area) or (50 x 40) – (4 x 44 x 4 Floors) = 1296 sf

Window Area North and South = 4 x 144 x 4 Floors = 2304 sf

Window Area East and West = 4 x 44 x 4 Floors = 704 sf

As you enter in the information and click on “continue”, you will see an immediate EUI (Energy Use Intensity) output based on the prevailing energy code in the location you have selected. You have the opportunity to change this baseline EUI if you start the project as a “mechanical engineer”, as some basic knowledge of building inputs in necessary to create custom models.

The next step is to click on “Let’s Optimize” which will select a pre-defined set of options with their associated cost and run them to help you see the cost vs energy optimization for your project. You will have the opportunity to change these predefined options to custom options.

You can use the slides within the display to narrow down options for specific EUI targets, energy savings target or cost targets.

When you click on “Change Options” on top of the screen, you land on the following screen where you can select all the different technology, envelope types that you would like to define custom multiple options.

The “continue” button will walk you through the whole wizard optimizing each option and creating your custom cost vs energy optimization.

Collaborating with other people

  1. Sign up for a multi-user subscription plan.
  2. Go to Users on the top menu bar
  3. Click Invite User, fill out the email address, and click Invite
  4. Once the user accepts the invitation they will appear in the Users list where you take actions such as Edit or Disable

When editing, you can make a user an Administrator which allows them to change business details, change the subscription level, and invite other users. You can also choose whether they have full access to all projects or access to specific projects (Full Access is the default).

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