Five questions your boss will ask about cove.tool (And how to answer them!)

1. What is cove.tool?

Cove.tool is the all inclusive solution for early stage building performance. From automated parametric energy modeling, to payback, LEED points, 2030 benchmarking, water use and more, cove.tool gives you all the information needed to make a performance driven decision about your project.


2. Who uses it?

A lot of people in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industries. Yes, you heard that right, both architects and engineers (We have different modes). From small businesses to the leading firms in USA and Canada use cove.tool because it saves time, and lets them do more and better.

Many of our users share stories about how cove.tool helped them save 8-12 hours on just one project and let them analyze more options than they would have ever had time for.


3. We are somewhat satisfied with what we are doing. Why spend money to switch?

The world of AEC is changing fast. Technology is transforming the industry. It’s happening. It’s hard to get away with doing performance modeling on just the 5 “elite projects”. Owners are wanting data on every project and when profit margins are shrinking for everybody and owners are expecting results yesterday, it is important to find the right performance modeling tool. This will make your work better, your profits larger, and your employees happier. cove.tool  helps people do that every day, on a large number of projects, working with companies of all sizes.


4. But we’re not a multi-million-dollar company. Do we really need this fancy software?

No matter what size your business is, if you’re an AEC business, there are certain things you’re doing: considering building design, budget, energy code. cove.tool is created specifically for professionals like yourself in the AEC industry. You can use it’s capabilities for your advantage, whether you’re scrambling to put together a project board for a pursuit, or raising your credibility with the owner. Here’s an automated report that our user created in 5 minutes. No joke, 5 minute.

cove.tool has helped small and large business save thousands of hours in work, helped firms win projects, meet the guidelines of early stage modeling and make smart decision about the project.


5. This all sounds great, but I’ve got a whole range of software that we have tried, purchased and never used. How is cove.tool different?

Yes, it is really frustrating when you buy a software, are excited about it, but it doesn’t live up to the hype. However, the companies that have bought cove.tool, use it A LOT! There is always a project that you are designing or trying to win, or trying to optimize, cove.tool takes our the repeated and manual steps helps to free up your time to focus on what really matters. This process becomes repeatable.

Plus, the nice thing about cove.tool is that it’s easy to learn. One our users famously called it “mind bogglingly easy“. Plus, there are loads of training videos, guides, help centers and more.

Spending money on a new product is never an easy decision. Don’t just think of buying cove.tool as “investing” in software that will you will pay off in the future. Think of it the same way you think about buying a notebook. Will you use it in the future? Absolutely. But it’s much more than that: it’s an essential item for right now. You need it to do your best work. Which means cove.tool pays for itself almost immediately—just ask this architect who said that, with the automation in modeling and reporting, the software paid for itself in just one project or pursuit!