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Who we are

We are a passionate team of architects, engineers, energy modelers, software developers, designers, strategists and sales guru and can speak over 10 different languages.

Buildings contribute to over 40% of total carbon emissions and we have come together to help stop climate change 1 building at a time.

Neither of us can do this alone


We help each other, treat everyone with respect, and celebrate the team’s achievements.

Keep things simple and honest


We focus on sharing information freely within the team to ensure clarity and alignment. We embrace challenges, failures and much as we celebrate wins!

We can lead


We take the lead and accountability for our goals that serve the mission that drives us.

Learn, grow and evolve


We are always thinking of ways to make the product and the world better to serve our mission.

What drives us

We are on a mission to help architects, engineers, contractors and developers make data driven choices by using data, automation and optimization. In doing so, we lead by example.

By making learning central to what we do, we push boundaries of the unknown, and use every chance we get to develop ourselves by improving our product and fighting climate change.