Patrick Chopson


Patrick focuses on the crossover between architecture and technology. With a background in mechanical engineering,…

Sandeep Ahuja


Sandeep  brings her experience of building a successful sustainability consulting firm Pattern r+d (the consulting…

Daniel Chopson

Co-Founder / CTO

Daniel is passionate about crafting high quality software within an Agile framework. With 10 years…

Origin Story

cove.tool as a software product grew from tools and processes developed over the years by Pattern r+d, a sustainability consulting firm run by our co-founders Patrick Chopson and Sandeep Ahuja (both building scientists and architects). As we worked on high profile projects with many stakeholders we saw the need for a decision-making tool which could convey options for cost and energy savings in an easy-to-understand graphical format. The first version of cove.tool was born.

Can we buy this?

We refined cove.tool as we continued to use it on various projects. Our clients were impressed with the ability to analyze literally millions of combinations of options and only present those which resulted in both cost and energy savings. They consistently asked “Can we buy it and use it on all our projects?” With the increasing demand and changing energy codes around the world, we began formulating plans for an automated, cloud-based tool.

Building a Software from the Ground Up

Co-founder Daniel Chopson left his job at an industry leading software company in order to make the vision a reality. Using the latest technologies he created a robust, validated, cloud-based tool with minimalism and ease-of-use driving the user interface. We continue to develop new features based on direct user feedback and new insights gained from our consulting. Agility and simplicity will always drive our innovation and we are excited to see what the future holds as we make the world a greener place.

Industry Experts

Advisory Board

cove.tool has assembled an advisory board of the leading experts in architecture, construction, and engineering.