cove.tool and 2030 Commitment

May 15, 2018 - 1 minute read

Research on over 50 Architecture firms pointed that the current process to track the AIA 2030 Commitment is typically a project manager/sustainability coordinator’s job once a year. This usually entails, list of emails/phone calls to project managers accross the firm to get the 2030 Commitment Metrics from them. These metrics are then used to fill an excel spreadhseet and finally uploaded to the DDX dashboard. If you are part of a process that sounds somewhat similar to this, you will be excited to learn,

cove.tool Automates 2030 Commitment Reporting!

We have spent a long time to create a clear connection with the 2030 Reporting dashboard and cove.tool, to make sure you spend your time efficiency. We know you are busy and are fighting atleast 5 fires at a time! Give cove.tool a try to  auto coordinate the required metric, all you have to do is one CLICK!

We have built an internal 2030 Dashboard, where you can monitor the entire firm’s performance, and choose to update the AIA 2030 DDX when you are ready. You can update as often as you like!

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